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80's New Wave Event [31 Jul 2007|07:50pm]

Friday, August 3, 2007, 7:00 PM 20070803T230000Z


We'll set the atmosphere for the theme with appropriate music. DJ requests can be made if they are sent in advance of the date. Some light refreshments at the cantina. Members are encouraged to bring snacks or other beverages. Dress according to the theme as possible, keeping in mind that this is a mostly outdoor venue so dress for the current weather. The fire pit may be in use during cooler weather. This is in the Pembroke area of VA Beach, VA.

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New to community. Producer. Musician. Remix artist & DJ in VA. Wanna jam? [31 Jul 2007|06:57pm]


Hey y'all. What's good?

I'm a DJ and remix artist out of Norfolk, VA. I am the pro audio sales guy and Webmaster for DnD Music (http://www.dndmusic.biz.) Think of us like a big box instrument and recording sales spot, only we'll actually pay attention to you - instead of ignore you to get the commission elsewhere. No commission here. Just pure mom n pop music shop sensibility.

We sell guitars, DJ gear, recording equipment, mics...if it's used to make a sound, we can probably find a way to get it for you. We cater to ALL types of musicians. If you simply bang two rocks together trying to add that whole "prehistoric feel" to your sound...we can make you sound better doing it. We have a full service repair shop and regular jam sessions every week.

As a DJ, I've been spinning for 14 years and counting. I've been on stage with Grammy legends like RUN DMC, Biz Markie, and DangerMouse to name a few. I have underground remixes in circulation and am very active in the music community. I just opened up my own DJ class from the DnD Music Learning Center, adding to our 200+ students learning almost every major instrument out there within out classroom walls. Currently I am resident DJ for both The Granby Theater and The Velvet lounge in downtown Norfolk.

So there. This is for those who want to jam on occasion...learn something new, or simply be more a part of the music community in the 757 than what you already are. I hope y'all don't mind if I stick around a bit. Feel free to check out our current website. We have version 2.0 of the web site coming soon. Come find me if you need some help upgrading your gear.


email: brandon@dndmusic.biz

(x-posted everywhere I thought was suitable or possibly useful)

DnD Music
3304 Taylor Rd. 
Chesapeake, VA 23321
phone: 757-484-6233

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Gothic Potluck Social [28 Jun 2007|11:29pm]

[ mood | okay ]


We'll set the atmosphere for the theme with appropriate music. DJ requests can be made if they are sent in advance of the date. Some light refreshments including make-your-own tea provided with hot distilled water. Members are encouraged to bring snacks or other beverages. Dress according to the theme as possible, keeping in mind that this is a mostly outdoor venue so dress for the current weater. The fire pit may be in use if it is cool enough.

Members arriving for the first time, follow the map location and then look for the tiki torch over the entrance. Parking is in the grass outside of the fence, or in the parking lot next door, or on the nearby road where permitted. The door will be opened promptly at the start time with organizers in the front entrance area to greet new members and otherwise assist for about the first 30 minutes or so. Then we will turn things up a bit and plan to stay out until the end time or later depending on the interests. Picture taking for the purpose of posting on the web site will be announced. Use the "contact me" link for inquiries or suggestions. See you there! This is in the Pembroke area of VA Beach

-----> Details summary for this schedule <-----

Theme: 80's gothic post punk

Music: the cure, the church, wire, cocteau twins, siouxie, bauhaus, and more

Food: Members bring your own to share if possible

Start time: 8.PM

End time: midnight

When: Friday, June 29, 2007, 8:00 PM

Link- http://nightlife.meetup.com/391/calendar/5860726/

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Gothic Potluck Social [20 May 2007|05:19pm]

[ mood | okay ]

We will set the atmosphere with postpunk music (like the cure, cocteau twins, siouxie, church, etc), a blazing fire pit, and some light refreshments. You may bring snacks or other beverages if desired. Do dress up if you can! This is in the pembroke area of VA Beach


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After Dark Meetup [26 Apr 2007|11:49am]

[ mood | okay ]

The After Dark social gathering is a laid-back meetup event held in a private outdoors setting. This meetup is hosted reguarly at a location for active members. Whether you are interested in social networking or just want a night out to escape the daily routine, After Dark provides for a great way to relax and enjoy the night. The casual atmosphere includes ambient lighting, musical entertainment or refreshments, according to the theme of the event. Group members may participate when and at what level they feel comfortable. As the group grows, it may be possible to include artists, performers, or other creative-collective features depending on member suggestions and support.

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Hampton Roads Pagan Night Out [04 Apr 2007|10:42am]

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Hampton Roads Pagan Night Out [28 Feb 2007|09:24pm]

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NVB Divetribe [13 Feb 2007|05:17pm]

[ mood | dirty ]

NVB (Norfolk/VA Beach, VA) Divetribe (dumpster diving) is looking for members! Please join!

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p.s. If there is a problem with this post I will delete it.
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Hampton Roads Pagan Night Out [31 Jan 2007|10:00am]

Hampton Roads Pagan Night OutCollapse )
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Dance class? [20 May 2006|06:43pm]

Hey guys, I'm trying to look for a good dance/ballet/gymnastics program for my 3 yr old starting in the fall (or even this summer if there is one available!) that won't take my whole paycheck every month (and trust me, my job DOES NOT pay that well when you think about supporting 2 kids and myself). I'm mainly looking for something in the Hampton or Norfolk area (and by Norfolk I mean as close to Hampton like OV as possible). She loves to dance and I was hoping to get her started as early as I can. Any help would be appreciated :)
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Friday night...where are you guys gonna be? [23 Feb 2006|11:35am]

Don't just sit at home!Collapse )
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March of Dimes/WalkAmerica---please donate [20 Feb 2006|11:20am]


Hey guys, I know some of you can't really afford to be giving all your money away, but I do need sponsors for this event I'm doing for March of Dimes called WalkAmerica. It's April 30th and my goal is $500 but I'm sure at this point I'm not going to be able to raise that much, but it would be nice to get close to it.

As some of you already know, both my girls were premature, Lola being born 6 weeks early (5 lbs 3 oz) and Alana being born 4 months early (1 lb 6 oz). So this is a cause pretty close to my heart and actually what inspired me to change my major to nursing.

Here is a picture of Alana a week or 2 after she was born.

She has tubes in her chest bcuz her lungs collapsed due to a heart condition called Patent Ductus Arteriosus she was born w/and shortly after had to have surgery for. By the time she was 10 months old she had had 6 surgeries, and it's possible she is having another one, which I find out about on friday. As my close friends know, she's doing a lot better now, but she's isn't going to have what most people consider a 'normal' childhood bcuz of her so-called disabilities. She's almost 2 now. The March of Dimes raises awareness of premature birth and try to educate mothers, especially young mothers, on ways to prevent having their babies so early, like how Alana was. Our case was a little luckier than others. Not every baby born at 23 weeks survives, reason why Alana is our 'miracle baby'.

The event is on April 30th, at the Virgina Beach Oceanfront. There's the option of forming a team, which I'm up for doing if anyone else wants to participate. Just let me know.

You can go to my site to sponsor me. All donations go straight to the March of Dimes. http://www.walkamerica.org/xheathercx

And please repost this so others who aren't on my friends list can see and possibly help out. Thanks. :)
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Local Florist [22 Dec 2005|12:49pm]

Hello! My name is Laura, and I am a local florist. Please take a second to look at my store and remember me. I am a small business owner and do my best to make the most beautiful arrangements for my customers. We deliver and buy our flowers from a local flower distributer, so our flowers are fresh and will keep longer.

***cross posted to local communities****
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Hello =) [03 Dec 2005|03:43pm]

I have decided to create a community solely for the purpose of broadcasting Code Amber alerts. There is no need to join the community unless you wish to do so. Just simply "friend" the community and you will recieve the Amber alerts on your friend's page!!

I will also be putting up some other helpful links & news periodically, but they will be dated in the future so that they will stay at the top of the page to be easily accessable for visitors of the community! Therefore, you will not receive them on your friends page....so be sure to visit often!! Thank you for your concern in saving a child's life!!
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Intro...... [19 Sep 2005|01:01am]

Hello! Newbie here. I'm Lisa. I'm a 27 yo stay-at-home-momma of 3 wonderful children. They're names are Micheala, Madison, & Bailey. I am very happily married to a wonderful, wonderful man....his name is Joe. I just recently became a stay-at-home-mom & am looking for online/real life friends. I live in SWVA...there's nothing really to do in this area if you have kids.....so i spend most of my free time on here. love to get to know new people & make new friends. anyone who wants to add me...i will add ya back. my kids & i hybernate pretty much. I am very happily married to a wonderful, wonderful man....his name is Joe.
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[19 Aug 2005|10:04pm]
Only 4 hours left on these auctions! Nothing but Baby Stuff, all going for CHEAP!
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[02 Aug 2005|02:32am]
Hey, I just joined. My name's Sheena, I live in Newport News. I'm 22 and a Stay-at-Home Mom, my son is 10 months old.

I've met a few people off LJ in the area. I recently become a Pampered Chef Consultant. I figured it would be a good way for me to meet other people in the area and get shows booked. If you're interested in booking a show or placing an order, let me know!

*For anyone interested in booking a party:

The new Fall Products have been unveiled and will be available for purchase September 1st!

If you Host your own Party, you can receive $100 or more in FREE Pampered Chef Products!

Contact me for more info on booking a party or becoming a Consultant!


August Host and Guest Specials:

60% off one of these Bowl-Sets for Hosts!

Stainless Mixing Bowl Set OR NEW! Prep-Bowl Set

For the Guests:

Spend $50 or More and receive one of our $15 Cookbooks FREE!

September Host and Guess Specials:

Hosts take 60% off any Stonewear* Piece and Guests take 20% off any Stonewear* Piece!
*Excludes Small Round Stone and Round-Up from the Heart® Stoneware Mold.

p.s. Don't want to clean, have your party at my place!
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[20 Jul 2005|10:31am]

Hey guys. Heather here. I was just wondering why no one really ever talks in here. We don't have that many members either. Is there a banner or something that we could post in another community?
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[19 Jun 2005|02:43pm]


New chick here 23 yrs old from Newport News, Va (Hampton Roads)

Ive met a couple people off of LJ and they have all been really cool, I always welcome new friends.

Anything you want to know ask or check out my journal.

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hey all .. [02 Jun 2005|10:27am]

hey whats up just saying hello to my local peeps.. take it easy, youre all more than welcome to hit me up on AIM tradermcdernie, if you wanna chat..

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